Steven Kastelic Headshot
Steven Kastelic
President, CEO

Steven has a total of 15 years of management experience across multiple industries for profit as well as social. At BlyncSync, he is responsible for acquiring customers, leading marketing campaigns, and overseeing company operations. Steven is skilled with public speaking, leadership, digital marketing, media production, and fully vetting new ideas before implementation.

Khanh Nguyen Headshot
Khanh Nguyen

Khanh has worked in engineering software for 30 years at multiple companies ranging from financial consolidation, medical devices, product management, and data modeling. He currently works part time at Oracle as a Principal Architect. Khanh brings strong experience and wisdom to the BlyncSync development team. He is responsible for building and training the neural network that is the core of the BlyncSync platform.

Matthew Jansen Headshot
Matthew Jansen

Matthew has experience with Online Credibility and Deception Detection, Computer-Aided Decision Making, Knowledge-Management and Expert Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, and Computer-Mediated Communication. He is an Associate Professor of Management and Information Systems at the University of Oklahoma and he serves in a data scientist advisor for BlyncSync.

Robert Curry Headshot
Rob Curry

Rob has 18 years of experience in tech and startups. He has been CFO, CEO, or Founder of every company he has worked with since the 90s. He has worked with MarketLeap, HRSmart, Adgile, SMBSuite, proofHQ, and ThinkTank Collective Intelligence Group. He is well versed in startups, tech, Saas, finance, new business development, and is familiar with the trucking industry. Rob is BlyncSync’s senior mentor.

Steve Hawks Headshot
Steve Hawks

Steve has worked in management positions in the transportation industry for 32 years. He has academic degrees in transportation logistics from the University of Oklahoma and the Florida Institute of Technology. As the current President of Hawks Logistics, Steve understands the ins and outs of the transportation industry and provides great customer insight to BlyncSync’s management team.

Ron Bolen Headshot
Ron Bolen

Ron is an Executive Director within the Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma. He has a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship having co-founded Invictus Energy, and previously served in managing roles for da3co, HFBE inc, InvestLinc Group, DQE Enterprises, and Enron. Ron has been in an advising role for BlyncSync since the beginning and he currently acts as an advisor on business activity for the team.

David Roush Headshot
David Roush

David is a results oriented management professional with extensive experience in general management, business development, logistics, sales and marketing. He possesses strong entrepreneurial spirit, strategic vision, problem solving ability, and financial know-how.

Jerry Green Headshot
Jerry Green

Jerry has served as founder and business manager for a number of successful business enterprises including Uncle Julios, Mi Chulas Good Mexican, and Greener Woodworking. Due to his in depth knowledge of starting companies he is one of our lead entrepreneurial advisors.

Bruce Kastelic Headshot
Bruce Kastelic

Bruce is owner and president of Sooner Tax Service. He has been instrumental in the development and implementation of state-of-the art software for this tax accounting firm. Bruce is the legal/accounting advisory board member of BlyncSync. With his expertise in commercial and personal accounting, Bruce makes sure BlyncSync is always in compliance with the IRS.

Ken Wheeley Headshot
Ken Wheeley

Ken has held numerous positions with Working Solutions over the past 15 years. His prior work history includes positions with Intuit, ADX, Knoah Solutions, Stream International, and Convergys. Ken has a history of working with SaaS companies and is very familiar with B2B software. He is BlyncSync’s business software mentor.


Through collaboration with our partners, we have been able to attract the proper resources and people to help us succeed at making the roads safer around us. 


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